Young people and confidentiality

We always consider the confidentiality of our patients as a priority.  This includes young patients.  If you are over 16 and want to discuss a medical problem or service with us, we will not inform any other person.  You will be treated as an adult.  Even if you have not yet reached 16 we will treat you with respect and in confidence.

The only exceptions would be if you have a condition that is infectious and that may be a danger to those close to you or if you tell us about any abuse or mistreatment to yourself or another person.  In those instances we will talk through the options with you before taking any action.

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Change to booking an ear irrigation appointment

Please note that it is NHS protocol to see a doctor before booking an appointment to clear your ears of wax.  This is to ensure there is no underlying problem or infection in your ears.

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Electronic prescriptions

In August we started to send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically.  What this means is that when you order your repeat prescription you can have it sent directly to the chemist where you can pick up your medication.  This saves you coming to the practice to collect a paper prescription and taking it to the chemist yourself.

If you would like to use this service please tell our reception and they can arrange it for you.

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Appointment waiting time is improving

The wait for a booked appointment is reducing.  Currently (September 2015)  it is seven working days.  This is an improvement on last year when it was twelve working days.  The only proviso is that the wait for some GPs can be longer due to holidays or because they work part time.

Remember that we offer same day appointments every morning.  Patients have been very happy with these.  They are not just for an emergency.

For working patients we offer early morning appointments every Wednesday.

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